The Unparalleled Continuous Translation Platform


End-to-end automation

Get more done without adding more resources. Our “lights out” automation means you control the flow of the process, even when you’re not in the office.

Realtime dispatching

Whether you have 20 translators or 200, Parakeet allows you to keep track of workflow to allow you to scale with ease. The platform automatically assigns content to the next available, appropriate translator to ensure quality and minimize time.


Translator Studio

Translators work quickly and effectively in the fully integrated, easy-to-learn studio with the translation memory, style guide, placeholders and glossary at their fingertips. The Translator Studio works on web, desktop, and mobile devices.

MT Hybrid translation option

To take advantage of the low cost and high speed of machine translation (MT) when practical, Parakeet integrates MT with the linguist's automated workflow to complete  work quickly and deliver quality results.


Standard Features

Of course, the Parakeet Translation Platform also supports all the features you would expect from a cloud-based Translation Management System (TMS), including:

  • Project configuration

  • Upload/download jobs

  • Translation Memory

  • Available 24/7

  • API

  • Connectors

  • Analytics and Reporting


The Parakeet Translation Platform

The fastest and most reliable way to move content to the right translator, right away, then return it in localized form for immediate publication or integration.