The Parakeet™ SaaS Translation Control Platform does much more than automate the flow of content between sources and translation providers.

SMART Controls™ technology accelerates and enhances complex human translation processes in real-time giving control of quality and costs that has not been possible before.

Simplify Your Localization Efforts with the Parakeet™ Platform

End-to-End Automation is Just a Start

Optimized for automating continuous flows (unlike most legacy systems) Parakeet™ makes it easy to attach to and manage high value streams from systems such as email, social media, customer reviews, and content marketing.

  • Robust API - automate content intake and return from almost any business system.
  • Parakeet’s SMART Stream™ Technology simplifies attaching to content and enables automating rapid turn-around times.
  • Continuous stream and conventional project types are supported.
  • Translators work directly in the platform.
  • Use your own translators and/or service providers.

SMART Controls™ Give You Easy Control Not Possible Before

Today’s content sources need fast turn-around and brand-quality translations of content that inspires your audiences. Parakeet’s unique and powerful platform tools let you set and automate the control of speed and quality.

The key to getting fast turn-around with high-quality lies in the sophisticated real time routing of content to the right translators and reviewers. Parakeet’s advanced monitoring and alerting guarantees service levels and turnarounds times are met.

Smart Controls technology gives you a new level of control plus automation features so you can get the right mix of speed, quality, and cost management on every translation flow.

  • SMART Streams™ - You control what content is translated, how fast it’s translated, and what quality level is best.
  • SMART Dispatch™ - Optimize content flow to translation teams and translators based on roles, experience, specialization, availability, and peer reviews. Enjoy realtime capacity management based on service levels.
  • Advanced Information Security - Use Parakeet’s unique Privacy Placeholders to protect PI or any sensitive content from translator viewing.
  • High-performance Parallel Document Processing - Built-in optimization that accelerates content flow to translation resources for maximum speed.

Manage Change and Easily Scale for Increasing Content Loads

Changes - some of them potentially disrupting - will soon be creating opportunities for improving localization projects. With the Parakeet™ platform in place, your organization can easily adopt and leverage new localization technology and content sources.

  • Cloud-based for easy scaling.
  • Modern, easy UI users love to use.
  • Advanced API for easy integration with almost any content source.
  • Use in-house translators and/or LSP vendors.

Power Features to Support Any Content Stream

Comprehensive Translation Management

  • Friendly, fast, simple, clean web UI
  • User and Permission Management
  • Term Base import/export/manage
  • Translation Memory import/export/manage
  • TM Fuzzy Matching
  • Handles plain text or Word documents
  • Integrated Client Portal
  • Content upload or submit via API
  • Style Guides, Glossaries, Context
  • Easy Search
  • Reporting
  • Cloud-based / scalable
  • Extensive API and Connectors
  • High availability 24/7
  • Translation Studio - Fully Integrated CAT tool
  • Private Label (multiple client) Support for LSPs
  • Multiple Vendor Support for Global Organizations

SMART Stream™ Management

  • Simple Content Stream provisioning
  • Configurable Workflows per Content Stream
  • Rules-based Non-Translatables programming
  • Non-Translatables testing and maintenance
  • Configurable Service Levels

Machine Translation

  • Google Cloud Translation integration
  • MT-only or post-editing workflow options

SMART Dispatch™ Queueing Controls

  • SMART Dispatch Queueing
  • Translator Teams
  • Realtime translator availability monitoring
  • Translator Ratings
  • Translator notification

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