Fully Automated

The Parakeet Translation Platform automates every step of the process, from submission to translators and back, with unprecedented speed and quality control


The keys to automation

  • Modern RESTful APIs allow completely flexible integration with any content source
  • AI and MT
  • Service levels and workflow rules put the job flow on automatic
  • The glossary, style guide, translation memory, and powerful placeholders are connected into the process at every stage
  • Track quality on the individual level or in aggregate

Translation Portal

See and drill into all your projects and progress in one dashboard. Configure new content streams, set up translator teams, and upload content or -- more likely -- grab your API credentials for full integration. Control the entire flow of your content streams through the projects interface. See the status of each content stream and drill down into the content to verify the quality of your results at every stage.

Translator Studio

The fastest most comprehensive tool for professional linguists to work quickly and accurately with realtime content streams. Ensures that your translators can deliver the best possible results in the shortest time with the lowest cost. With easily accessible tools like glossaries and style guides, as well as features designed to allow your translators to collaborate more seamlessly, the Translator Studio is designed to offer fast turnaround times and consistent end product.


  • Simple text
  • HTML
  • Other forms of markup
  • Word documents

Best-in-class secure cloud technology

The Parakeet Translation Platform was developed using HTTPS, HTML5, React, Node.js, Meteor, MongoDB, RESTful JSON APIs, Linux, Electron, Jira, GitHub, Google Cloud Translation API, Agile development, and AWS.