Lower Translation Costs, Improve Quality, and Enable Easy Multilingual Communications With the Parakeet Enterprise Translation Control Platform.

Parakeet’s cloud platform uses AI and state-of-the-art technology to help your organization streamline complex language translation projects and vendor management...reducing costs and workload while ensuring consistent content that connects with your global audiences.

Centralize, Optimize, and Simplify Language Translation with the Parakeet Translation Hub and Content Playbooks for Every Department.

Deliver AI-driven translation cost savings and quality improvement

Your organization spends millions of dollars on translation and localization services and countless hours managing projects and vendors.

Message sprawl and translation inconsistency across vendors and global markets can degrade valuable brand positioning and message clarity.

Parakeet’s unique AI empowered features give your organization control of vendors and projects to solve these problems.

Explore Parakeet’s Automation features.


Simplify and Automate Translation Access Across the Enterprise.

Is every department handling translations differently...or missing opportunities by not translating at all?

With Parakeet, you put easy and affordable language translation at the fingertips of everyone who can use it from HR to Customer Support.

Quickly Leverage Changing Technology and New Channels

Global marketing and customer support organizations need to adapt quickly to rapidly changing localization technology and instant scalability.

Easily connect any content source to any translation resource or provider with the Parakeet™ platform. Put your organization in control of change and be ready to scale for the future.


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