Rapid Translation of Continuous Content Streams


In today’s interconnected world, speaking the customers’ language is the surest road to revenue growth for any business.

Content flows continuously through the organization, much of it intended for a global audience, including:


Agile Product Development

Product development that iterates continuously requires frequent incremental translations. Rely on the Parakeet Translation Platform to manage translation at every iteration, regardless of content type or time constraints.


Customer Care

When knowledge-base articles and support tickets -- both inbound and outbound -- can be translated in real-time, scalability becomes global and instantaneous. Our clients appreciate the quick turnaround and content diversity that Parakeet delivers.


Website Localization

If your company is like most, your website is constantly evolving. Parakeet allows you to globalize those changes quickly. Convey your value proposition in local markets with an appropriate brand voice.


Content and Social Marketing

Rapid, accurate translation that incorporates language subtleties make sure each article, post, and tweet lands successfully in every market that matters.


From tweets, blog posts, updates to mobile apps, product manuals, sales collateral, web content, customer support requests and responses, and much more, the Parakeet Translation Platform supports translation nearly simultaneous with creation, driving localization of content streams at a high level of quality for a reasonable price.


The Parakeet Translation Platform

The fastest and most reliable way to move content to the right translator, right away, then return it in localized form for immediate publication or integration.